MAPS: We Used The New Westerly To Show How Our Aerial Imaging Services Work

Fifield’s trusted consultant, MAPS, explains how their new technology partner will improve construction oversight and future property conditions assessments. Read the full article at this link.

“Fifield Companies completed construction on their latest apartment development in Chicago and wanted to review the completed exterior work in a new way. The Westerly, at 740 N Aberdeen Ave, was designed by FitzGerald Associates Architects and constructed by McHugh Construction – move-ins started in September. (See our project page for the Westerly.)

MAPS brought in our new technology partner, Helios Visions, to perform aerial data collection using drones that would provide the developer with detailed information – collected in a safe way – about the building for all elevations and altitudes. 

Helios Visions offers a package of imagery and data captures that are tailored to each and every project phase. Since the Westerly is a new construction building, some services make more sense than others. Helios also has packages for the pre-development phase, adaptive reuse projects, exterior wall inspection compliance, and existing building additions.”

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