Amenities Race: What’s Driving Multifamily Design Through the Roof?

Century West Partners is taking amenities to a new level at Next on Lex in Glendale, CA. Connect Media asked Randy Fifield, principal of the firm, and Chair of Fifield Realty Corp., to share what’s behind the planned amenities at the mixed-use community. The asset at 275 W Lexington Dr. is anchored by Citibank, and is the largest apartment community built in the Los Angeles area since 2016. The 494-unit community will include the new concept store that Citibank is rolling out across the nation. Check out what Fifield says is driving the amenities race today.Next Lex 8

“Next on Lex is different than other apartment communities in Glendale. It is built around the Paseo and the shared green space, views and walkability make it more of a green neighborhood experience. Local people and businesses essentially share in the park and experience of the community alongside residents.”

“Next on Lex interiors offer unparalleled work, live and play experiences. The sky deck features a fireplace and multiple areas to entertain. These restful onsite destinations make Next feel more like a resort.”Next Lex 2

“From the moment you walk into Next on Lex you feel like it’s your home. Major amenity attractions include “The Playground” which features monkey bars in the gym, along with a game room, and private and public co-working space for a true live, work, play community.”

“The finishes of the Next on Lex apartment homes are more akin to what you would find in a private luxury home. These include built-out closets to help residents organize better, large bathrooms with double bowl vanities, and chef sinks in the kitchen along with faucets that have dual purposes. Our stoves also have a griddle for pancakes and eggs, in addition to four burners for a heightened cooking experience.”Next Lex Feature

“Many current and prospective renters are looking at Next on Lex as a home with robust benefits. The pool, green space and interiors being professionally managed provide a seamless experience. We have essentially created a luxury community where tenants do not have to do the chores a regular home would require.”

“We have designed a community where everything has been taken care of for residents. Your packages can be signed for, the kids and dogs are welcome, and the staff at Next on Lex spoils you with events. Wine tastings, pool parties, even private event space can be accommodated because there are so many places to entertain within the community.”

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