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Life at NEXT is Emblematic of High-rise Luxury

Nov 6, 2017

NEXT is a resident-focused building in a landscape of new high-rises which are racing to outdo one another in lifestyle enhancements for their residents. In the old days of apartment hunting your biggest choice may have been selecting the color of Formica in your kitchen countertops. Those days are a distant memory when you see the scope of choices on display at NEXT. Amenities ranging from transportation, shopping, socializing, pet care and more are all part of the package. And let’s not forget that the apartments are sharp and modern.

Before you’ve even left the bed in a NEXT apartment, a Nest™ smart thermostat will have adjusted the temperature to a comfortable level for your morning routine. Chicago is a city that gets all four seasons in their utmost, so climate-controlled apartments are a big bonus.

“We go above and beyond for our residents, and that makes the difference,” according to NEXT Property Manager Dominique Montoya. The effort to exceed expectations is visible in almost every nook and cranny of the building.

A typical day for NEXT residents might begin by stepping into the kitchen and watching the neighborhood come to life while water for tea boils on the GE stainless steel range. There’s ample space on the quartz countertops for a coffee machine if tea isn’t….well, your cup of tea (apologies).

Wall-to-wall windows let in tons of natural light and expansive views, which can include the green spaces between Chicago Avenue and Division Street, the CTA trains meandering along the elevated tracks, the dramatic downtown skyline and Lake Michigan is visible from certain apartments. Basically there isn’t a bad view in the bunch of NEXT’s 310 units.

NEXT apartments offer city & lake views from floor-to-ceiling windows. Photo c/o Jim Tschetter

Making Your Way in a World of Amenities

The 6th floor could be the next stop on your daily routine. The 6th floor is home to the building’s social spaces, and it’s overflowing with amenities. If you feel like working up a sweat when you start the day, you can hit the gym or the yoga studio. If your mornings are more focused on productivity, you could easily check email using the available WiFi in the trendy lounge. Impromptu video game tournament? That’s covered with an arcade room. You could also swim, grill or just chill on the outdoor pool deck. All of the common spaces in NEXT are open 24 hours for residents.

The 6th floor fitness center & yoga studio. Photo c/o Jim Tschetter

NEXT allows a great deal of flexibility for entrepreneurial residents or those who work outside of a standard nine-to-five office schedule. The building is wired to meet the needs of professionals who blur the line between living and working space, and wherever you end up working at NEXT, it’s going to be comfortable. Aside from the 6th floor common area, there’s also a conference space on the ground floor as well as a modern lounge with WiFi and outlets to keep all your devices charged.

Beyond the common spaces, there’s an array of useful and delightful features included in the building. There are too many to go into detail in one blog post, but they include a golf training room, indoor bike parking, secure package delivery and a pet spa with dog grooming facilities. Yes, even your pets will live in luxury at NEXT. Don’t have a pet of your own? The house dog, Daisy, is on call Monday through Friday for a walk around the block or a game of fetch in the park.

Daisy, the house dog at NEXT, is on call Mon - Fri for a walk, game of fetch or a belly rub.

River North at Your Doorstep

If you’re starting to think, “Oh my gosh, the building includes every amenity I’d ever need so why even leave?” you’re not being unreasonable. But the neighborhood surrounding NEXT offers plenty of enticing reasons to get out and about.

The DIVVY bike station right outside the main entrance lets you easily explore River North on two wheels. There’s a car sharing service stationed in the building’s garage so you can knock out heavy duty errands at a moment’s notice. River North is a very walkable neighborhood, and there are many worthwhile stops within walking distance of NEXT. Residents can easily get to BIG & little’s Restaurant (located right across the street), Headquarters Beercade, Union Sushi and legendary Chicago watering hole The Green Door Tavern are each just a few minutes away. More choices abound if you stroll to the Wells Street Corridor or the heart of River North, both within reach of NEXT.

DIVVY bikes are parked outside the NEXT entrance on W Chestnut St.

Residents at NEXT also have a healthy stable of local businesses that offer them discounts, so in a way the building and its professional management team have already sourced some of the best available options in River North, from fine dining to hair and nail salons.

It’s not unfair to say that NEXT has considered most of the perks that would top a renter’s wish list in a new apartment building. There wasn’t quite enough room to cover all of the amenities and community aspects in this post, but if you want to schedule a visit to NEXT you can see the evolving landscape of downtown life with your own eyes.

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