A 34 year History of Experience and Success

We have always been relentless about looking for “out of the box” clever and sometimes hard-nosed solutions to maximize proceeds for our partners in good times or bad.

Over our long history, Fifield has developed deep alliances with competitive third-party service providers that include property managers, general contractors, architecture and design firms, engineers and consultants, marketing, auction and sales firms, attorneys and litigation specialists and financial intermediaries. We leverage our relationships on a daily basis to provide efficient and reliable results.

Fifield’s experience in local markets accompanied by the depth of its strategic relationships allows us to evaluate and select the best-of-market property management firms in each submarket.

Fifield is known for our forward thinking, smart developments with a keen eye towards aesthetics, cost and design efficiency. Our team of seasoned principals has unmatched experience and commitment at all levels of a project. This commitment has been the cornerstone of Fifield’s operations for years. We continue to leverage these capabilities into this uncertain future.

We have dealt with:

  • Bank failures
  • Contractor bankruptcies
  • Replacing engineers and redesigning MEP systems after the start of construction
  • Changing pricing and finishes midstream to adapt to radically changing markets
  • Re-entitling sites to meet shifting market demands
  • Securing significant government subsidies to make marginal projects feasible
  • Settling with intractable vested interests to conclude long and costly litigation